Experience the magic of an epic game world that is full of imagination and opportunity. The best part is, you make and live this experience yourself, no screens required. 

Playing games designed by the folks over at Trailhead Games totally redefined what I thought was possible in terms of fun and engagement at summer camp. I was sitting around trying to re-invent Capture the Flag for the fifteenth time, and they were creating whole worlds for campers to inhabit. Even if your large group games aren’t starting to feel stale, I’d bet anything that these games will materially improve the time kids have at your camp.
— James, Gocamp.pro

Trailhead's Mission

Our goal at Trailhead Games is pretty simple really: to bring play and creativity to as many children as we can by creating engaging games they can play outside. We believe in the potential of games to bring people together, to foster teamwork, to challenge and delight players, and to inspire the imagination of everyone who plays them. 

Who We Are

Our Games

Our games offer interactive storytelling on a grand scale, which allows you to open up new possibilities and traditions at your camp while fostering fun, creativity, collaboration, and possibility. Bring people together in a way that allows them to be themselves... while challenging them to be someone they may never have been before.

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An Insight into Play

Fresh, engaging, creativity; this is what we make in our game-labs. Each game is created from the unique mix of our 5 distinct life paths, uncountable adventures, experiences in far-away lands, and life-long engagement in games ourselves. We combine elements of board games, strategy games, RPG's, sports, hobbies, camp games, skits, and more into unique rules, challenges and stories that players can immerse themselves within.

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