A Trailhead Game: What’s Included?

When you buy a Trailhead Game, what you’re getting is our collective brainpower, our creative ideas, our troubleshooting and proofreading, our understanding of what makes a good game, and an opportunity to bring magic to the players at your site.
There are many stages to making these games happen and we like to think we give you the foundation for running them successfully at your site. We can’t be there to run the game for you (unless you ask very nicely!) and we can’t troubleshoot for you in the middle of the game. Those are all things you and your team are going to have to do for yourself. What we can do is give you the blueprint to run a fun, memorable and magical game at your camp and offer you support throughout the process as you try to visualize, adapt, and improve it; just get in touch!
When you buy a Trailhead Game we give you everything we think you need to successfully run the game at your site. The documents you receive will include a/an:

  • Welcome letter with contact information and support information
  • Introduction to the specific game you purchased
  • Detailed Gamemaster synopsis and outline of the game
  • Map of what the gameworld could look like
  • Risk management plan to reduce chance of preventable injury
  • Setup checklist to help you prepare the game
  • Breakdown checklist to help you pack up the game efficiently
  • Detailed materials list with prices and locations to help you order supplies
  • Concise player handout explaining the story and rules of the game to the players
  • Casting template to help organize all necessary characters
  • Set of detailed character and station handouts to explain roles to staff
  • Set of additional documents specific to characters or stations that they might need (ex. puzzles, riddles, pictures)
  • Plan for how to hype the game throughout the day or week.
  • Opening skit to introduce the world and theatrically explain the game and the rules
  • Closing skit to end the game in a satisfying fashion
  • Set of additional stations or characters (in case of larger numbers of players or staff)
  • A troubleshooting and Knowledge Management guide to prepare you for potential gameplay issues with suggestions for in-game adjustments. This will include actual data from times when this game was played with real campers, and how we worked through the kinks we encountered.

All the documents you receive have been created, developed, and reviewed by at least three of our team members as we commit to consistency and high quality products.