Experience the magic of an epic game world that is full of imagination and opportunity. The best part is, you make and live this experience yourself, no screens required. 

It was totally worth it, and it taught me a lot about just how much work needs to be put into a new evening program if you want it to be as much of a hit as this one was. In our camper questionnaires, it is given almost entirely top scores, and it frequently written as their “all time favorite evening program”
— Elise Bragard, Assistant Director at Camp Billings

Rec Heads and Camp Nerds


Austin and Matthew sit down with Moose and Patti, the awesome crew of  the Rec Heads and Camp Nerds podcast, and talk epic gaming.

They dive deep into the origin, spectacle, and all the tiny details that go into our programs.

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Windrunner takes place in the future on the newly settled planet of Kepler 440-b. In competition for a business contract over who will get the rights to establish the energy grid, two teams compete to see who can accrue more power in the designated amount of time. 

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The List

Organized Chaos and lots of fun! The List is everything you want in a game on a hot summer day. Water? Check. Silliness? Check. Teamwork? Check. A path to world peace? Check.

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