Element Zero


Element Zero


It's year 4226; Earth is uninhabitable and all of the remaining humans have scattered throughout our galaxy in a desperate search of new resources. Despite humanity's advances and efforts, they find themselves in the depths of space with few resources and fewer possibilities. The final reach of their voyage... Planet X. With no remaining options, Albert Newton – a prized scientist - has theorized a final possibility of going back in time if we could only get a sufficient amount of element zero. However, there isn't enough for everyone, and time is running out.

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Element Zero combined many of our long-standing game traditions with a some unique twists... Campers of all ages were excited and engaged, which is no easy feat to accomplish.
— Scott - Program Director at Camp Timberlane

Strategy... speed... deceit. Element Zero is a simple run-around game magnified to epic proportions and with it's own unique twist. With basic rules, a captivating story, and a dynamic landscape, players are quickly and easily attracted to this adrenaline packed game. Whether dipping through trees, stealthily moving between bushes, or setting up distraction tactics with team-mates, there's only one goal in mind – Element Zero.

Fast paced and easy-to-understand, Element Zero is one of our most popular games. With extremely low set-up and breakdown requirements, only basic materials needed, and an easily scale-able player size, it is a perfect choice for any size budget and camp. So venture forth – connected - into the new frontier... of space.

Duration: 50-75 minutes
Intended Number of Campers: 60-200
Intended Staff: Player Ratio: 1:10
Age Range: 7-18 years old, boys and girls