Dragon Brood


Dragon Brood


The noble, yet feuding Dragon Broods of the Green, Red and Gold hold much awe and respect among the mortal races of this realm. However even they must bow down to the awesome might and power of the Black Dragon Brood who rule the farthest reaches of the sky.


It is said that the dragon brood that offers up the greatest gifts to these dark champions will be favored by the Black Dragon Brood - a move that will surely place them as the strongest of the ground dwelling dragons.


Three broods are now set against each other. Each seeking to gather the largest offering to the Black Dragon Brood. Their power is linked to the earth and will rise and fall with the seasons, however their determination will always remain fiery hot.


The Brood that gathers the most offerings will win.


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Duration: 50-75 minutes
Intended Number of Campers: 60-200
Intended Staff: Player Ratio: 1:10
Age Range: 7-18 years old, boys and girls