The Seven Year Rule


Matthew has written an in depth article about the Seven Year Rule for our friends over at Summer Camp Pro. Check out the excerpt below and read the full piece over at

I didn’t really know what that something was until I found Camp Augusta in 2012. From the staff onboarding process, I was immediately wrapped into a culture of creativity and newness – a culture where I felt like I was part of creating something special and personal. There are many factors that went into that camp culture, but the underlying one – the heart of it – is the “7 year rule”.

What is the 7 year rule?
The 7 year rule is a programmatic commitment to have certain parts of a camper’s experience that are new every year for 7 years. For Augusta, this means that skits and evening programs used one summer can’t be used again for another 7 summers. That way, each summer will be unique and fresh, and they’ll remember 2018 as the year they played Robot Apocalypse, and 2019 as the year with the Horse Snorkels skit.

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