Creating games that inspire imaginations and motivate play. Trailhead Games is all about taking fun to the next level.


Our Vision

Play is important; games are important. From the concepts in Isabel Behncke's TED talk 'Evolution's Gift of Play', from Bonobo Apes to Humans' to Jane McGonigal's famed TED talk 'Gaming Can Make a Better World' we have realized the power that games play in our culture: teaching culture and boundaries, providing platforms of connection, opening up our minds to avenues of problem solving, optimism, and success we don't get so plainly elsewhere... We, at Trailhead Games, believe passionately in the idea that our cultures' games shape our cultures' values, and that we can use them as a teaching tool that invites presence and engagement that is becoming increasingly rare in our culture.

I invite you to think back to the role games have played in your life. Maybe you've never thought of it – maybe you have. What did you learn from playing soccer, 4 square, trivial pursuit, dodgeball, chess, cranium, duck duck goose? How has that impacted you today? We have thought of this question intently – and with great fondness and interest. For us, games represent an opportunity to pass on 4 main life skills, which impact the players' lives forever:

Fun in Life

We are better at what we do when we are having fun doing it. We are more competent, aware, and present. We do better, more meaningful work, and contribute to an atmosphere that we enjoy. We believe that the world needs more fun, and that games are an avenue with which we can wire our brains into creating that. Our games are layers upon layers of fun, and have been revamped and edgecrafted over and over again to make them the most fun they can be.

Imagination & Creativity

Like a book, a game is a portal into a new world – with new characters, rules, boundaries, and stories. The world of tomorrow is not about old ideas made more efficient; it is about reworking old ideas to new. Expression. Creation. Imagination. These foundational tools will help those who play to realize the profundity that newness and creation brings to a situation, and to appreciate how aspects of wonder can, and should, be brought to all areas of life. Each of our games is a world of it's own, with interactive characters, worlds, and stories that take a normal game... and add wonder.

I knew I had made something special when dozens of campers charged down the hill shouting “Run! Wardens are in the mines! We need a Hunter!” and this 8 year old boy looks down at his lanyard, holds up his Hunter token and cries “I’m a hunter! Follow me!” Four other campers formed up behind him and with a gigantic smile, he led them back into the fray.
— Nicholas, Creator of Nature's Wrath


Doing something together allows us to do it in a way that we wouldn't have been able to alone. Each one of us - with different backgrounds, interests, life stories, and personalities - has something to contribute. Something we might not even know we did. We each offer a unique lens – a unique filter – in which we see the world. In a game where we are thrown into a circumstance together – where the power of our team lies on the collective power of each individual - we work together. Our games - through goals, missions, problems, and open-ended possibility – encourage players to contribute, listen, engage, and connect in ways that are true to themselves... and that last beyond it's end.


If possibility is not seen, it does not exist. At the forefront of each activity that we engage with is the possibility of inspiring a new perspective for those who engage in it. We work to make those possibilities glaringly evident. Possibilities for fun, creativity, and collaboration – yes – and more. Possibilities to realize our unseen strengths, to discover new ways of idea sharing, to find our voice, to challenge our brains to find another solution, to realize the glory of overcoming failure... the potential merits go on. Our games are created with these potentials in mind – that highlight these best parts of competition and play, while leaving out others like shaming, rewards, and hierarchy.

Where will these skills take you? We don't know, but we do believe that they will contribute to each player of the game being the greatest version of themselves... and that will make all the difference.

Play. Create. Inspire.

Our camp-hearted crew.

With a combined total of 21 years of camp staff experience in camp positions ranging from Master of Fun & Games, Village Leader, Assistant Director, and Hiring Coordinator, we are a team of young entrepreneurs ( and best friends) with the energy, work-ethic, and passion to change the landscape of the camping world.

And we're doing it in a fun way.

In 2015, we made the choice to pass it on. Starting with whole-camp programs, our vision opens us up to the possibility of also extending into activities around teambuilding, mini-games, station activities, clinics, and educational programs.                                                                                                                                                                    

Our backgrounds and life experiences have been varied and, at times, seemingly unrelated – all the bigger of an idea pool to draw from - and there are a couple of words that we all get giddy and passionate about: creativity, play, intentionality, and magic.

We create programs focused around these core values, and believe that we offer something extremely unique and powerful in this sense. We are committed to using our creativity to provide opportunities for play and wonder in others. We pride ourselves on keeping things 'in-house' and the five of us manage all aspects of the company including: game development, the website, marketing, client support, and all the legal aspects of running a company.